What Gets Funded

Each year, The Golden Lights Foundation selects a number of specific projects identified by the medical advisory board to fund. This year we have selected The SADA Project, which was developed by the researchers at MSK Kids (Memorial Sloan Kettering’s pediatrics program).

The SADA Project

The SADA project is a long-term project with the goal of reducing toxicity of treatment and being more effective than other options, namely, chemotherapy. It completely reshapes the way treatments may be given through a platform that has not been used prior to the MSK Kids researchers’ development.

A major difficulty with cancer treatment is off-tumor side effects that limit curative doses. The novel SADA delivery platform uses a special type of antibody that has two binding arms, one that binds to the tumor and another that binds to a radioactive molecule. These special antibodies are then engineered to assemble into a larger complex. This allows for this specially engineered antibody to have very good binding to tumors, since the larger complex has more arms to grab onto the tumor. When injected into the body, the entire antibody complex will hold onto tumor cells for several days. The antibody proteins that do not make it to the tumor rapidly disassemble and clear through the urine within 24 hours. At this point, radioactive molecules are injected and are taken up by the antibodies sitting on the tumor cells. Radioactivity that does not make it to the tumor is rapidly cleared through the urine within hours. This allows the achievement of an unprecedented level of radioactive targeting to the tumor, with absolutely minimal radiation exposure to the blood and normal tissues.

The Golden Lights Foundation is excited to support this lifesaving research and treatment by providing the funding for the SADA Project. With this project, the physicians hope to be significantly alter the way cancer is treated, and provide children around the world with this revolutionary treatment.

About MSK Kids

MSK Kids, Memorial Sloan Kettering’s pediatric program, is dedicated to all children, young adults, and families facing childhood cancer. With specialized expertise and care focused on the individual child, we’re proud to say that more families turn to us for cancer care than any other hospital in the United States.

Why? Because our care teams work to understand the nature of each patient’s specific cancer, whether it’s common or more complex, and develop individualized treatment plans for the needs of each child. Our broad set of therapies and clinical trials, as well as researchers who continue to develop and deliver more effective treatments where there previously were none, giving each child facing pediatric cancer more options.

But the best care goes beyond treatment, which is why we partner with families to provide support throughout their time at MSK Kids. Our care teams include schoolteachers, therapists, and other specialists to help families through every challenge that pediatric cancer presents. With Memorial Sloan Kettering’s unmatched expertise in cancer and a dedicated focus on kids and young adults, no one fights harder for people facing pediatric cancer than MSK Kids.