The Golden Lights Foundation was started, in part, because of the overwhelming support that we received from all of you – our people. During those nights when we were sitting awake in the hospital PICU not knowing which way was up, and would receive a simple text, “Hey, just thinking about you”, THAT made all the difference.  You couldn’t have known the impact your simple words carried.

When you combine the power of family, friends and loved ones with the dedication, expertise and  support from world-class doctors, the end result is this:  we now want to do something to create positive meaningful change for other families who have experienced, are experiencing, and will experience pediatric cancer. We want them to feel the power of community through The Golden Lights Foundation.

Our goal is to find and fund cutting edge research to eliminate any barriers that prevent potential life changing treatments from being used on those who need it the most – our children. To do this, our first project is through a partnership with MSK Kids (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Pediatrics Program). We have been working with a group of world-renowned doctors and, together, have identified projects that will have an immediate impact on the lives of children at MSK and other hospitals, as well as a more long-term project that ultimately can change the way cancer is treated for everyone. These projects are costly, but the impact is immense. Eleven years ago a group of parents raised money for a project to create an antibody treatment, hoping it would save their children. For many it was too late. This very project was awarded the “Breakthrough Therapy Designation” last fall, and is now a standard part of MSK protocol for children with Neuroblastoma. That project is part of what has saved our daughter’s life. The doctors who invented that treatment have other treatments that they believe can continue to alter the way cancer (not just Neuroblastoma) is treated.

Our vision is to help doctors change the cancer landscape. We can have an immediate impact, and we intend to do so. We are starting this endeavor by planning an amazing event in September of 2020. We can’t wait to walk this journey with you. Let us know how you want to be part of this force and change for good; we welcome your enthusiasm, compassion, expertise, and passion.  Whether you choose to spread the word, host an event, donate your time, contribute financially, or attend an event, we can’t wait to see all of the moves you bring to this dance floor.

We are their opportunity. You are their opportunity. Because kids can’t fight cancer alone.